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We bring a story to life through animation. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to reality. We create characters that are relatable and memorable, and that connect well with the audience emotionally.

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Why a business needs animation?

Animation is everywhere, every industry needs it ranging from entertainment, advertising, education, and gaming. Some of the common examples of animation are Animated films which are much liked especially by children, television shows, and video games. But to get the right animation with appealing visual effects, you need to find the animation studio in Delhi that can fulfill your requirement with their expertise. Don't panic to hunt for the best animation studio, Kings Digital Studio is an answer to your question about finding the best studio for animation in Delhi. The quality graphics and timely delivery of the work have made them the customers' most preferred choice in Delhi for 2D animation. This blog is providing you the brief information about animation so that you understand the concepts of animation to identify your animation needs appropriately. Further, it is giving details of the King Animation Studio which is the best animation company in Delhi.

Let's understand first, what is Animation.

It is the process of illusion creation related to the movement or motion through a sequence of images. This is done by employing different techniques and mediums involving 2D animation, stop-motion animation, and computer-generated animation. Animation involves the use of a series of static images, which are called frames, which are displayed rapidly creating the effect of motion. The frames can be developed through hand-drawing each one implies for every frame one hand drawing, digital tools can also be used to create 2D models, or through manipulation of physical objects in stop-motion animation.

Animation has different techniques with particular characteristics including the visual and feel. Common styles of animation are traditional hand-drawn animation, which is based on hand drawing for each frame, and computer-generated animations, using 2D modeling software that creates more realistic or stylized animations. Stop-motion animation is based on the physical manipulation of objects or models between each frame to create a movement effect, on the other hand, motion graphics use the text and graphic elements for the creation of animated designs for video, websites, and other digital media.

In the field of animation, you would commonly notice 2D animation. So, let's develop their understanding and know their core differences.

Understanding 2D Animation

2D animation creates the animation in a two-dimensional space. Some of the popular software used for 2D animation include Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, and CelAction.

2D animation involves the development of the characters, backgrounds, and other elements areas as flat, only two-dimensional images. The developed images are manipulated to create the effect of motion. Traditionally 2D animation was based on hand drawing but in the digital age, the software is more prevalent. 2D animation has wide applications such as feature films, TV shows, video games, advertising, and digital materials.

How 2D animations are different?

The major difference between 2D animation is the number of dimensions involved in animation creation. 2D animation involves the creation of characters and objects which are hand drawn and animated on a flat surface. They only have width and height but not depth. 2D animation is created through traditional hand drawing or digital tools and is often used for the creation of simple and stylized animations; motion graphics, and traditional cartoons.

While, 2D animation is associated with the creation of 2D models of characters, objects, and environments. These models overcome the lack of 2D and they have depth, width, and height. The objects can be moved and animated in a virtual 2D space. 2D animation is more complex and realistic as compared to 2D animation, and it is mainly used in the creation of visual effects for films and TV shows, video games, and architectural visualization.

The time and effort required are also different in 2D animation. Using digital tools 2D animations are done quickly, on the other hand, 2D animations are time-consuming as their production time is longer due to 2D models and environment.

Keeping it short, the major differences between 2D animation are based on the number of dimensions involved, complexity and realism; and the amount of time and effort required for animation creation.

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What is voice over?

The stages of 2D animation are:

1. Planning: This stage deals with creating a concept and ideas for the animation such as the development of the storyline, outlining the overall direction, and visualizing the styles and graphics to be used in the project. The planning stage is mainly concerned with concept development and idea initiation.

2. Pre-Production: The second stage of 2D animation finalizes the details such as scripts, storyboards, character designs, and animatics. The team also works on the sound, its speed, design, voice-over recordings, and the selection of suitable background music.

3 . Animation Creation: The third stage is the most time-consuming as everything is finalized in this stage. The designs developed are tested here. The animators use specialized software to create and animate the characters, backgrounds, and other elements of the animation.

4. Post Production: It involves editing the animation footage, and adding final touches such as special effects, colour grading, and sound mixing. The final product is then exported into a usable format for distribution, such as a video file.

The exact stages of 2D animation are different depending on the project and the production team involved. Therefore, generalized steps of 2D animation cannot be possible.

How to Hire a 2D animator?

Hiring 2D animators is a challenging task, but we are listing some steps that can be followed to hire a 2D animator:

1. Define the job requirements: Assess what skills and experience you want in a 2D animator. Do you need someone with specific animation software experience or someone with a background in a particular animation style or genre? Clearly define the job requirements that will help you to get the right candidates.

2. Create a job posting: Spells the job posting mentioning the job requirements, job roles, duties, responsibilities, educational qualifications, and experience needed for a job. Also, mention other details like salary structure, benefits, and any other information.

3. Advertise the job posting: Post the job listing on various platforms like social media, and industry websites to reach a wide pool of potential candidates. You can go for referrals from other working professionals from the industry or can hire a recruitment agency to hire a 2D animator.

4. Review resumes and portfolios: Upon receiving resumes, review them to shortlist potential candidates meeting the eligibility criteria. Review their portfolios to see their previous work, animation style, and creativity.

5. Interviews: After shortlisting, the candidates conduct the interviews. During the interview, you can assess their skills, experience, and knowledge to know if they are fit for your team.

6. Make a hiring decision: After interviews, evaluate the candidates' performance and make a hiring decision. You can consider various factors such as skills, experience, education, and knowledge.

7. Onboard the new hire: After hiring the candidate take the newly joined animator onboard and introduce him to the team and brief him about his job and its responsibilities.

Why outsource a 2D animation service?

Outsourcing 2D animation services provide various benefits to a business such as:

1. Cost savings: Outsourcing 2D animation services lowers your costs. The overhead expenses are also borne by the outsourcing partner.

2. Access to specialized skills: Outsourcing 2D animation services to a professional brings specialized skills and knowledge to your business. You develop expertise without much effort.

3. Focus on core competencies: Outsourcing saves your time utilizing which you can focus on your core competencies and grow your business.

4. Faster turnaround times: Delay is well handled with outsourcing as your partner is liable to deliver work on time therefore with outsourcing you get peace of mind of not missing the deadlines with your clients.

5. Scalability: Outsourcing 2D animation services allows you to scale your animation needs up or down as per need. This is useful for businesses that face seasonal fluctuations in demand or they want to ramp up animation production for a new product launch or marketing campaign.

How much does 2D animation cost?

The cost of a 2D animation varies widely and it depends on multiple factors like the complexity of the animation design, project duration, detailing animation style, and the experience and skill level of the freelance animator or an animation studio. However, to offer you a rough idea, we are listing some general price ranges for 2D animation in India:

1. Simple 2D animation: A basic 2D animation project with simple characters and backgrounds can cost between INR 5,000 to INR 25,000 per minute of animation.

2. Mid-level 2D animation: A mid-level 2D animation project with little more detailed characters, backgrounds, and movements can cost between INR 10,000 to INR 50,000 per minute of animation.

3. High-end 2D animation: A high-end 2D animation project with complex characters, backgrounds, and movements can cost over INR 50,000 per minute of animation.

These are just rough figures, and the final cost depends on various factors. It is suggested to get quotes from multiple animation studios or freelancers to compare the prices and get an affordable price as per your need.

Why your business needs 2D animation?

The benefits of 2D animation include:

1. Explaining complex concepts: 2D animation simplifies complex concepts by presenting them in a visual and engaging format. It makes the message more understandable, engaging, and memorable for the audience.

2. Engaging the audience: 2D animation grabs the attention of the audience and keeps them hooked throughout the video. This encourages the audience to make purchases or subscriptions.

3. Brand Identity: 2D animation creates a unique brand identity by presenting your brand's message and values in an entirely new, innovative, and visually appealing way. It differentiates your business from competitors and creates a long-lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

4. Improving website traffic: 2D animation brings a lot of traffic to your website. It makes the website more appealing and users spend more time on the website.

5. Increasing social media engagement: 2D animation also boosts the social media engagement of the users by representing the brand's message in a shareable and entertaining format. It creates brand awareness and attracts new customers.

Overall, 2D animation effectively communicates the brand message, increases customer engagement, improves the brand image, improves website traffic, and boosts social media engagement.


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